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關於 0x80004005 錯誤

Nov 24, 2010 at 12:24 PM

請先確定你的 Windows registry 裡面有下列項目:

  • MSIME.China - Required if you need to get Chinese Pinyin.
  • MSIME.Taiwan - Required if you need to get Chinese Bopomofo (phonetic symbols).
  • MSIME.Japan - For Japanese.

如果你的 OS 是 Windows Vista,有安裝 Office 2007 的話,應該沒有問題。否則你可能需要手動匯入 registry,詳細做法可參考這篇文章:Ruby text is not displayed in the Phonetic Guide dialog box in Word on a computer that is running Windows Vista

請注意,如果你正在撰寫 console 應用程式,請確定你的 main() 方法有套用 STAThread] attribute。像這樣:

static void main()